Careers and Partnerships

Job creation is important to us. We periodically offer fantastic employment and contract opportunities in accounting, business management, bookkeeping, maintenance, janitorial, landscaping, forestry, engineering, silviculture, labourers, road builders, heavy equipment operators, fallers, tree planters, booming and blasting. The Tsain-Ko Group is currently exploring opportunities for growth and development in the shishalh Nation through the development of business partnerships.

Employment Opportunity - Labourer with Chainsaw Experience

Deadline: 2017-09-22 |

The first responsibility of a Labourer with Chainsaw Experience is to perform duties in a safe and effective manner at all times, when using chainsaws and brush saws, hand-tools, loading/unloading & delivery of supplies and materials, office & storage cleanup, doing basic inventory, security, assisting clearing crews in field, standing fire-watch, errands to town, and any general duties that involve basic labour.

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